Commercial Cleaning FAQs

Below is a selection of the Frequently Asked Questions we encounter on a regular basis. If you have a query and it is not covered below, please contact us on  01604 791799 or email info@workplacecleaningsolutionsltd.co.uk

How often can you clean my premises?
Can you clean just our reception area?
What tasks will the cleaners perform?
Do you use our cleaning equipment or your own?
How quickly can we have a cleaner?
Are the cleans insured?
Do you run checks on your cleaners?
Are your cleaners self employed?
What happens if I need to change what the cleaners are doing?
What happens if I am unhappy with the service?
How long are we tied into a cleaning contract for?
I have a special event can you send me more cleaners?
How many cleaners will you send me?
Do you have a minimum cleaning time?
Do you conduct a risk assessment?
Do you clean washrooms and toilets?
Do you do out of hours cleaning so we are not disturbed?
Can my cleaner be a key holder?
Can you clean my home as well?
What happens if my cleaner goes on holiday or is ill?
Do you clean carpets?
Do you have a cross contamination policy?
Do you clean windows?
Can you do a one off clean?
Will the cleaner empty the bins and shredder?
Will the cleaner do the washing up?
Can I meet my cleaner(s) before they start?
What happens if I encounter a bit of an issue with our cleaner?

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